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Listed are various enhancements and tools you can use (currently free of charge) on your web site. These are designed not only to bring people to your site but to keep them there after they arrive. You can view, play, use, etc. any of the modules. If you decide to use any of the modules, simply copy and paste the appropriate code to your web site. If you elect to use any of the code, please have the courtesy to drop us an E-Mail at webmaster@taylormade.250x.com and inform us as to the code you are using and give us suggestions for other modules or improvements to the existing modules. Caution: use the code exactly as given or the module may not perform properly.

Code to put Hangman on your site:

Code to put TicTacToe on your site:

Code to put Guess my Number on your site:

Mind Reader
Code to put Mind Reader on your site:

Guess my Number
Code to put Guess my Number on your site:

Graffiti Wall
Code to put Guess my Number on your site:

Love Test
Code to put Guess my Number on your site:

Taylor Made
Code to put Fake Counter on your site:

Split Screen Search
Code to put Split Screen Search on your site:

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