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We know that you have experienced it. A server is busy or a server is down and you get that dreaded 404 error. You want to go to a site for a download or needed information but your can't get there. In order a allieviate this problem, we have a number of "Mirror" sites. Same information, similar look. We feel sure that at least one of the servers will always be working for you pleasure and convience.

Taylor Made Software
The 00go Server at http://taylormade.00go.com
The 250x Server at http://taylormade.250x.com
The DigitalRice Server at http://members.digitalrice.com/taylormade
The Brain.com Server at http://mail.brain.com.pk/~taylormade

Taylors' Home on the Web
The 00go Server at http://taylor.00go.com
The 250x Server at http://taylor.250x.com
The DigitalRice Server at http://members.digitalrice.com/taylor

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